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Energy Efficiency Upgrade

With rising energy costs, building operating costs also increase. Simple improvements to the efficiency of installed BMS, HVAC and refrigeration systems can offer significant energy savings. SAHAR offers solutions to improve energy efficiency, increase energy output, increase system reliability, eliminate system downtime, extend system/equipment life-cycle, and helps to avoid costly repairs.

Solutions currently available include:

Re-engineering Entire Systems

Re-Engineering Entire Systems

If you currently have a one size fits all unit that is not performing efficiently to local conditions. SAHAR can re-engineer the entire system, installing extra components and technologies to help it perform more efficiently.

Insulation and thermal imaging

Making sure that certain pipes and tanks are insulated properly will ensure that energy is not wasted. Using thermal cameras and advanced insulation and cladding materials , SAHAR can optimize system energy efficiency.

Renewable Energy Integration

SAHAR can integrate solar,wind or any alternate power supply into any system to provide more efficiency and energy cost savings.


The compressor is the heart of the system. Upgrading or maintaining compressors can save vast amounts of energy. Faulty or leaking compressors result in energy being wasted.


Upgrading and selecting the correct pump for an application and avoiding oversizing can lead to considerable energy savings.

EC Fans

Replacing AC fans with EC fans enables optimization of cooling systems for ultimate energy efficiency, potentially reducing energy usage by up to 70%, more output for less input. They are fully compatible with most systems and units.

EC Fans

Electronic expansion Values (EEVs)

Optimizing the efficiency of your BMS is one of the most cost-effective measures you can implement. The latest hardware and unit strategy can be installed on existing equipment to ensure system reliability, enhanced performance and increased control. This can increase energy efficiency between 15-20%.


Installing inverters to motors allows precise control of motor speeds, which can be ramped up or down to match load requirements. This ensures that the only energy used is that which is needed.

Variable speed drives

Variable speed drives allow control of fan and pump speeds which can help to reduce energy consumption and costs by enabling the output speed of the motors to precisely match load requirements.


Refrigerant upgrades help to increase system efficiency saving you money in the long run. Just a 10% loss in refrigerant charge can equal a 20% increase in operational costs.