Centrifugal Cooling systems


Why SAHAR for Centrifugal systems 

Centrifugal systems are the most cost effective solutions for large scale cooling, Starting from 800 tons and beyond. SAHAR optimizes centrifugal systems to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Every system is designed according to customer requirements.


Servives Provided 

- Design and supply centrifugal systems
- Installation and commissioning of systems
- Maintenance and part replacement
- insulation and pipping of system
- installation of BTU meters and monitoring systems
- Internet access and system integration


Why use centrifugal?

They are best suited for large structures that need HVAC cooling such as Airports, Malls, Hotel  etc. 
Centrifugals are also cost effective and provide best efficiencies,which are typically beyond C.O.Ps of 6

Completed Projects 

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Centrifugal Chiller for client in China 

800 ton watercooled R134a centrifugal chiller being tested and prepared for client. 


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