Cold Storage 


Cold  Storage for every industry 

Coldstorages are integral part of any coldchain. From small groceries to large distribution centers, you will always find some form of temperature controlled system to preserve goods. 

Why work with SAHAR?

SAHAR is one of the earliest coldroom designers and installers in the middle east. Hundreds of coldstorage units all have been professionally installed by SAHAR. Decades of experience and unbeatable customer service are just a few reasons why you should join SAHAR for your projects. 


Coldstorage systems 

SAHAR Designs several types of coldstorage system, Few basic ones are listed below : 

- Portable Coldstorage
- Trailer mounted Coldstorage
- Solar coldrooms
- Small Cold storage for groceries and resturants
- Large Coldstorage for logistics and factories
- Centralized coldstorage solutions
- Containerized Coldstorage solutions 

- Coldstorage using ammoniac systems
- Warehouse cooling 
- Antirooms and truck loading bays 

 and much more. Contact us for more information 

Markets served 

Coldstorage serves every market and industry
Some examples include: 
- Residential coldrooms for villas and palaces
- Coldrooms for Icecream storage 
- Coldrooms for Tobacco disinfection
- Coldrooms for storage of antibiotics 

For more information contact us 

Completed Projects 

For more projects, click here 


Coldstroage freezer for meat storage - UAE 

Coldstroage for a meatprocessing plant, using a rack compressor system. 


Containerized Freezer and Chiller room for army - Afghanistan 

Ruggedized and mobile coldrooms for food storage. Designed with external Refrigeration units 


Solar Powered Coldrooms - Ghana

Built for Area with little or no power. Solar power is stored in batteries and later used for cooling or freezing. This Technology was Pioneered by SAHAR


Coldroom for Antibiotics - UAE

Coldrooms designed for antibiotics. 100% backup system and full monitoring system with SMS alert, autodialer and internet remote access. 


Large Coldroom for Fruits - UAE

Large coldroom with both freezer and chiller rooms designed and built using R717 Central plant 

Project Video 

One of the largest Coldroom storage facilities in UAE


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