Power Systems


Power systems 

Power systems are vital in keeping things running. Its crucial for backup or incases where no power is available. SAHAR provides power solutions for such situations. The most common type of backup power systems include :
- Diesel or gas generator 
- Solar power systems 
- Battery Backup or Industrial UPS 
- Capacitor banks 
- Wind power systems 
- Containerized power systems 
- Heat to Electricity conversion - click here 


Who can use such a system ?

The system can be customized and used in any industry. The applications are infinite.
Mobile  power stations for small size operations to full size solar array for large businesses. SAHAR will provide an all in one solution. 

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Completed Projects 

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Solar Power Cold Storage for Food storage - Tanzania

Built for Area with little or no power. Solar power is stored in batteries and later used for cooling or freezing. This Technology was Pioneered by SAHAR


Small solar power station - UAE 

power station using solar panels , backup battery and 3 phase inverter and charge controller. 


Solar Powered Coldroom for fisheries - Ghana 

Solar freezer room with UPS backup batteries. 100% fully sufficient for 3 days without sun


Power plant for factory - Pakistan

Power plant installation for a factory in Pakistan.Back up battery and large 3 phase hybrid inverter. Installed due Unstable main power source which affected production. 


Industrial scale UPS for dataceter - Azerbaijan

UPS system installed for a datacenter to protect incase of sudden power failure

Project Video 

Solar powered coldroom with 100% battery backup and genset/main power option


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