Blast Freezing/Chilling 


Why Blast Freezing ?

Freezing food from ambient to freezing temperatures within short periods of time help prevent formation of ice crystals, These crystals can damage the properties and texture of food. Many industries such as meat processing and fisheries use blast freezing to maintain quality and standards of frozen goods. 

Blast chilling

Blast Chilling is mainly used to bring down food temperatures from high ambient to above zero Celcius  quickly for processing, packing and storage. 


Types of Blast Freezing and Chilling Machines

Every products requires special blast cooling equipment. SAHAR has designed and supplied several Blast technologies including :
- Blast Freezer Rooms 
- Blast Chiller Halls 
- Spiral type Freezers/Chiller systems 
- Tunnel Freezers/Chiller systems 
- Nitrogen type freezing systems 
- Containerized Blast Freezing/Chilling systems 

Markets served 

- Meat Processing 
- Fisheries 
- Poultry Industry 
- Fruits and Vegtable packaging 
and much more 

Completed Projects 

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Blast Freezer for fisheries - Oman 

45 ton per day blast freezer for fisheries in Oman. Unit uses watercooled condensers for better efficiency and cost savings.


IQF or spiral freezer - Egypt

IQF for blast freezing strawberries in Egypt. Operated by R717/Ammonia refrigeration plant. Supplied and installed by SAHAR 


Containerized Blast freezer-UAE 

Containerized Blast freezer designed and engineered by SAHAR for small farm 


Blast freezer for meat processing - UAE 

Blast freezer installed for a meat processing factory in UAE. Designed to freeze sausages. 


2-stage ammonia blast freezer - Pakistan

2-stage blast freezer supplied and installed for a poultry plant in Pakistan. 

Project Video 

Blast freezer installed for a fisheries in Oman 


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