SAHAR Insulation service

Insulation is a great way to increase energy efficiency, SAHAR provides insulation and cladding of tanks, vessels, pipes, walls and large structures. Cladding materials such as aluminum, steel or stainless steel help protect the insulation material, plus giving it a nice finish. 

Types of Insulation

SAHAR Works with a variety of insulation materials, this include : 
- PU and PIR Panels 
- Armaflex insulation 
- PU injection and spray foam
- Aerogel and other new-age insulation materials 


Application of insulation

SAHAR have been improving system efficiency of systems by using insulation. Major industries where insulation is critical includes : 
- Food and Beverage industries
- Chilled water/glycol lines 
- Oil and Gas 
- Buildings 
- District cooling 
- Hot water lines 
- Hot or cold storage vessels 
and much more, contact us for more information 

Completed Projects 

For more projects, click here 


Insulation of pipes for food company - Pakistan  

Insulation using Injection PU and stainless steel cladding for food factory 


Insulation and cladding of Refrigeration system - UAE 

Insulation and cladding of pipping of Refrigeration system to avoid heatgain and condensation


Insulation and cladding of tank - Zimbabwe

Insulation and cladding of large tanks for storage of chemicals 


Insulation of chilled water tank- UAE

Insulation and cladding of chilled water tank. Insulation material armaflax sheets and prepainted GI sheet for cost effective solution. 


Insulation of pipelines - UAE

Insulation of gas pipelines using aerogel material , quick and easy way of insulation for large areas. 


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