About  SAHAR 

Since 1980 

Builidng industries, serving communities, establishing crucial technologies for infrastructure and much more....



Humble Beginings 

SAHAR Company was established in 1980 from a small 5m x 10m shop based in Ajman, UAE. 
Focusing strongly on customer satisfaction and delivering projects on time. SAHAR quickly expanded to a larger facility in Sharjah, UAE. 



SAHAR Company was Founded in 1980 by Eng. Amjad Hussain. A newly graduated engineer from the U.K,  He decided to settle down in the UAE and contribute to its fast growing infrastructure.  With his strong leadership skills and engineering know-how, He has established one of the well reputed brands in the industry. Today nearly 40 years later, many of his machines and engineering still stands the test of time. 


SAHAR Today 

Over 1300 completed projects, served over 280 different types of businesses from crypto-mining farms to medical storage facilities, oil & gas and much more...
Diversifying and growing the business in different fields from Real-estate and IT solutions to Solar technologies. Serving clients from all over the world and partnering up with the best and brightest engineers. SAHAR will continue serving its community and customers 


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