Containerized Solutions


Containerized systems 

Containerized systems are versatile and perfect for mobility. They can be shipped anywhere. They are also rugged and can withstand harsh environments 

Types of Containerized systems 

There are many types of containerized systems, the most common Containerized units include : 
- Walk in Chillers and Freezers 
- Blast Freezers/Chillers 
- Water Chillers 
- Ice Machines such as flake and block 
- Power Plants - such as solar or diesel gensets 
- Pump stations 
- Crypto-mining and Datacenters 
- Offices and shops 

Completed Projects 

For more projects, click here 


Containerized Blast Freezer - South Africa

Portable and mobile containerized blast freezer for fisheries. 


Containerized Freezer and Chiller room for army - Afghanistan 

Ruggedized and mobile coldrooms for food storage. Designed with external Refrigeration units 


Containerized Block ice machine - Vietnam 

Portable Containerized Block ice machine with an onboard cooling tower


Containerized water chiller system - UAE

Containerized water chiller system for a ready mix concrete factory. Rugged and easily transportable to other sites 


Containerized Solar power plant - Senegal

Containerized Solar power plant using back up deep cycle batteries and large 3 phase multipurpose controller. 


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