Energy Reclaim System 


Enerygy Reclaim for Heating purposes 

Heat energy from Refrigeration systems can be used to for other purposes such as boilers or hot water supply. Hot discharge gases can be superheated by a compression system, which can bring the temperature upto 125C.

Advantages of heating this way 

Reclaim heating makes use of wasted heat that would otherwise be waste to the atmosphere. Superheating the waste heat is 300% more efficient than just heating with a electric element. 1kw of electricity would provide 1kw of heat traditional heating element. Using Heat reclaim, 1kw of electricity can provide 3kw of heat. However, if only 40C - 50C heat is required, heating would be free


Heat to Electric power

Waste heat from steam or other high heat sources can be converted directly to electricity. SAHAR works in conjunction with experts in this field to design technology that can capture waste heat and convert to electrical power. 

Who uses these machines?

These technologies can be used in almost any industry , including : 
- Marine 
- Power plants 
- Petrochemical 
- Metallurgy plants
and much more, contact us for more information 


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