HVAC systems

SAHAR designs and installs HVAC systems for commercial and industrial applications. HVAC is important for day to day living. 
Proper temperature control is important for the comfort of people, but also critical for controlling humidity, dust, smell and pathogens.

The right type of chiller system 

Selecting and installing the right HVAC chiller is the most important aspect of the project. Chillers can vary from aircooled to watercooled, centrifugal to screw, and seawatercooled for special applications. 


Air Handling Units 

SAHAR can help design and select the right AHU for your application. AHUs are selected based on the industry requirements such as medical facilities, surgery rooms, clean rooms etc. 


HVAC is requirement for everything, but most notably for 
- Shopping malls 
- Buildings 
- Factories and warehouses 
- Hospitals 
- Airports 
- Hotels 
- Hospitals and surgery rooms
- Food processing plants
- Warehouse cooling
- Antirooms and truck loading bays 

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Completed Projects 

Central plant with chilled water system, Chilled water used for airconditioning halls and office , click here for more


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