Ammonia Refrigeration 


Why Ammonia ?

Since the beginning of the cold chain revolution, Ammonia was used as a Refrigerant. It is environmentally friendly and economically available. 
Refrigeration systems using Ammonia  provide excellent efficiency and reliability. It is well suited for medium to large industries and central plants. 

SAHAR and Ammonia 

SAHAR have been building and designing ammonia systems for factories since 1980. Several prestigious factories built and commissioned by SAHAR  till today run as well as they did when installed new. 


Ammonia systems 

SAHAR designs several systems for ammonia refrigerant. Including:
-Centralized plants,
-Blast freezers,
-Ice makers,
-Icerinks and much more.
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Services for Ammonia systems

- Design and Engineering
- Supply and installation
- Modification and enhancement
- Repair works
- Maintenance works
- Spare parts supply
- Decomissioning and removal  

Completed Projects 

For more projects, click here 


Centralized Ammonia plant for Logistics Center - UAE 

Built using Ammonia compressors for freezer and chiller applications. Used in a logistical center for food products


Centralized Ammonia plant for food company - UAE 

Centralized ammonia system for a food processing company in UAE 


Ammonia system for meat processing company - UAE

Ammonia system for a meat processing company. Includes Blast Freezer, freezer and chiller rooms. 


Ammonia System for Ice Skating RInk - UAE

Client wanted efficient and reliable way to operate an ice skating rink. SAHAR built the technology for it


Ammonia system for fisheries - UAE

Centralized system for a fish factory, includes flake ice making machines, blast freezers and freezer rooms 

Project Video 

Walk through one of the Ammonia projects for a meat processing factory in UAE. Built and Designed by SAHAR 


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