Ice Making Systems 


Why SAHAR Ice systems ?

SAHAR has been designing and building ice systems for several decades. Every Ice system is engineered to clients needs and requirements. Each Ice plant is refrigerated by a variety of different cooling technology. SAHAR has the expertise and know-how for such integrations. 

Types of Ice Making systems 

There are several types of ice making machinery, Few of such include : 
- Block Ice 
- Flake Ice 
- Tube Ice 
- Slurry Ice 
- Crush Ice 


Ice system designs 

The ice maker requires specially designed refrigeration systems. SAHAR combines and integrates these systems according to clients requirements. Some of the systems integration includes: 
- Integration with central refrigeration plants
- Aircooled refrigeration system
- Water cooled refrigeration system 
- Seawater cooled refrigeration system 
- Ammonia coolings system 
- Containerized solutions 

and much more, contact us for more information 

Types of industry served 

Most notable industries that use such system are : 
- Fisheries 
- Concrete and ready mix
- Meat processing 
- Large kitchens 
- Catering 
- Ice making factories 

Completed Projects 

For more projects, click here 


Block Ice machine for Ice Plant - Bahrain

Block ice machine used for Ice plant. Block ice can be used as is or crushed. 


Containerized Block ice machine - Vietnam 

Portable Containerized Block ice machine with an onboard cooling tower


Ammonia Block ice systems - UAE

Block ice system using ammonia. Block ice water tank is being prepared 


Flake Ice machine for fisheries - Oman 

Flake ice machine used for preserving fishes and other seafood


Tube Ice machine - Egypt

Tube ice machine designed and engineered for client in Egypt 


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