Monitoring and Automation


Why choose SAHAR for Monitoring and Automation?

SAHAR has been on the forefront of industrial monitoring and automation system. Every system seamlessly integrates with online devices and reports back to a central station. In essence, the whole operation can be control and monitored from anywhere via a smart phone or computer.  

What are the Advantages of this system ?

There are too many to list , below are just a few 
- Enable to monitor system remotely 
- Control your machines  on the go 
- Reduce number of employees to operate system 
- Alerts to you phone via sms
- Maintenace reminders and much more!


Who can use such a system ?

The system can be customized and used in any industry. The applications are limitless. Custom programming can be done to suit the clients requirements and needs.
A host of sensors, cameras, Relays and alarms can be installed for complete control and data recording. 
SAHAR can provide an all in one solution. 
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Completed Projects 

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Monitoring and alert system - UAE

Monitoring and sms alert system for critical antibiotic cold storage. 


Centralized monitoring and security system - UAE 

fully automated system recording and monitoring every aspect of production


PLC Programing and software - Oman

PLC software programming for operation of a blast freezer


Remote access and monitoring - South Africa

Remote access control and monitoring of a water chiller. Easy Remote access with phone or computer. 


SCADA Software programming - UAE

SCADA Software programming for centralized plant. 

Project Video 

Control Panel for Central plant.Designed for a  meat processing factory


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