Software Programming


Software Programming and IT solutions 

SAHAR's Canadian based Subsidary company builds custom software and IT solutions.
Performing assessments on current systems, creating Roadmaps that align with strategic business objectives,  engage in the development of solutions.

SAHAR is engaged as a technical partner by a wide range of national and global organizations in sectors that span Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, ICT, Manufacturing and Government.



SAHAR provides a wide variety of IT solutions such as: 
- Technology assessment  
- Enterprise Solutions
- Cloud Services 
- Mobile Solutions 
- Software Product Developement
- Payment Portals and Integration 
- Secruity software integration
- SCADA and industrial system programming 

Industries Served

SAHAR serves medium to large businesses for their software development, Including:
- Insurance companies
- Healtcare 
- Factories and manufacturing
- Government 
- Retail
- Product Ventures 

Clients Served 



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