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Without innovation any company would fail in this ever competitive world. SAHAR strives because of innovation! 
We offer solutions for every kind of technical or engineering issue.

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Super efficiency solution for Buildings

How do we increase the cooling efficiency of a building with already existing technology? 
We DONT! ... Existing technology is designed to be price competitive. NOT energy efficient. 

We Design a Chiller system with an evaporative Condeser, we then program it to operate as efficiently as possible.
We use a superheat compressor to provide the building with hot water, instead of using individual electric heaters. Budget allowing , integration with Solar or renewable power will reduce power consumption even more! 

To maximize profit we will then install BTU meter for both chiller and hot water, Then link it to a central computer and charge building tennants accordingly.


Innovations in our Projects

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Solar Power Cold Storage

Built for Area with little or no power. Solar power is stored in batteries and later used for cooling or freezing. This Technology was Pioneered by SAHAR 


Mezzanine Office Deck 

Required inside a food processing plant. Strict safety protocols had to be followed while production was going on. Very high hygiene standards


Customized Water Chiller

Specially designed water chiller for High ambient. Was built to withstand 55 Celcius in the harshest environments. Efficiency and Reliability was the top priority. 


Monitoring and Automation

Client wanted full remote acess and control of their factory. Alarm systems would immediately alert everyone via SMS and calls. 


Blast Freezer 

Specially Designed Blast freezer for food products. High Efficiency and Reliability. -40C of continuous operation. 


IT Design and Services

Client required  a robust and secure IT system with Cloud access and VPN. Custom company software required for employee management. 


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