Used Equipment


SAHAR Used Equipment Division

SAHAR Used division deals with all types of used industrial equipment from all around the world, Including countries like : 
- America 
- Canada 
- Germany 
- Japan
- U.A.E 
- U.K 

Types of Equipment

- Compressors 
- Pumps 
- Generators
- Cranes /Forklifts
- Vehicles 
- Prcoessing equipment 
- Packageing machine
- Injection Machines 
- Coldrooms
and much more , contact us for more details 

SAHAR is currently developing a global used equipment database. This will connect all businesses together to buy/sell used equipment with each other.

Please check back for updates, as we will post the database soon. 

If you are interest to be part of the development of this software, fill up the form here -------------------> 

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